Cartoon Illustration of Jim Dultz

About Me

Jim Dultz was born in Los Angeles, CA. before color TV, so he drew cartoons and created puppet shows to amuse himself.

After attending Art Center, he jumped into LA’s thriving film industry where he climbed the art department ladder until he reached the top step, which, he found, required a safety harness.

Having designed “Team America: World Police”, “Muppets Tonight”, and a slew of other TV shows and movies (many featuring puppets), Jim moved to the country with his present wife, Ellen Osborne, (an artist and animator), and promptly picked up a poodle and three feral cats, with whom he shares his food, and more than that.

Jim is also the  father of two beautiful, crazy, grown-up kids, who are making their ways happily somewhere else, but without whom his life would be worth less.

And now, he can pursue occupations that pay next to nothing. These include: cartoonist, writer, theoretical physicist, bartender, pool boy, cook and dog walker.

His wife thinks he is funny, and a little encouragement goes a long way with Jim.

Presently, his cartoons are being published nationally in “The Funny Times”, and locally in “The Foolish Times”, “Monterey Bay Magazine” and “Living Green.”

Jim feels extremely lucky to be able to spend his time doing things that he loves. He wishes everyone could. Everyone did. It would probably be chaos, but beautiful, meaningful, sustainable, creative chaos, something usually only found in nature.